Headline Trip

Extra! Extra! ACNE Paper has released its latest issue with a bewitching Tilda Swinton on the cover, photographed by Paolo Roversi. 

Target has announced that the former enfant terrible of French fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier, will be next for its Designer Collaboration series. We hope this means cone bras will be invading Middle America come March. (WWD)

Opening Ceremony paid an innocent-seeming visit to the world-famous Rose Bakery in Paris. Don’t be surprised if the renowned patisserie blooms at an O.C. near you. (Opening Ceremony)

No stranger to the glossies, Madonna will be mugging for the next Dolce & Gabanna campaign—the menswear one. But then, she always did wear the pants. (Grazia)

An incarcerated Boy George definitely knows why the caged bird sings, and he’s reportedly written it down, penning a new tune for fellow make-up enthusiast Amy Winehouse. We can’t wait for that duet. (Style Chaser)

Finally, the Mad Men frenzy has reached its peak. Brooks Brothers will launch a limited-edition Mad Men suit, designed by the show’s costumer. Smarmy attitude and three-martini lunch sold separately. (The Cut)

Apparently Lilo paints, or so she said at the Whitney Gala last night. Perhaps she can channel some Ungaro angst into her next canvas. (WWD Blog)

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