Kate, the Prankster

Here’s a cute little story about the making of the TV spot for Yves Saint Laurent’s Parisienne fragrance—you know, the super-suggestive one with a writhing Kate Moss in the back of a limo that was banned in the UK?—told to us by its director, Fabien Baron (who also designed the bottle and packaging). Remember, they’ve been like BFFs for more than 17 years, going back to her start at Calvin Klein. But mostly it’s a reason to show you the hot video…

“Kate loves to joke around! At the end of the shoot, when we were all ready to leave, I went to say goodbye, but everyone told me she had left already. I was disappointed she didn’t say goodbye to me first. So when she came out of her hiding place laughing with the whole team, I was like, Of course! I should have known!”

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