A Store Is Born: orangesnowstore

Tired of the fast-fashion machine churning out collections faster than you say “disposable?” The folks at orangesnowstore are, too, and they’re doing something about it. The London concept store is the brainchild of writer Ian R Webb, who describes it as “slow food for clothes.” Like a retail David and Goliath, the boutique wields the artisanal loom against the corporate giant, offering a part gallery, part shop that’s less about the frenzy of mindless shopping than a “curated experience.” 

The aim is to inject uniqueness back into clothing. Theirs is a triple threat, with three distinct lines: iainr orangesnow features a range of cheeky slogan-y tees, like postmodern Soviet propaganda; worn ianr refurbishes vintage finds such as brocade dresses and fin-de-siecle upholstery (picture Scarlett O’Hara’s tryst with the curtains, but a little more urban); and finally, objet d’snow forges intriguing hybrids of fashion and art, antique textiles collaged with words and other tidbits. We haven’t quite figured all this out yet, but we’re taking our time to mull it over. And that’s the point.

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