Sex Cells

So you have the super-slick Dior flip phone. Fantastic. But do you have the new My Dior phone? Designed to work in tandem with the original, the miniature version can be hooked to a bag or sit in your hand so you can have conversations without anyone knowing—you’ll look like the Secret Service, and there’s nothing chicer. Using Bluetooth technology, My Dior is able to answer or place calls up to 15 meters from the Dior phone, so you don’t have to dig around your behemoth Dior bag for that clunky first-generation model. But if you insist, good news there, too. Dior’s full fall collection has just been announced, and it’s sexier than ever with sapphire crystals, diamonds, gold-plating and mother-of-pearl inlay. Don’t even ask about prices because they don’t go below $6500.

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