Headline Trip

Not content with a hefty fortune, an epic personal collection of couture and a namesake fragrance, Daphne Guinness opened the Giles show and lounged about with a male model in a glossy spread for Vogue Italia. Is this a new career for the Promethean aristocrat? (The Cut)

It appears Peter Brant, embroiled in divorce, has put up for auction a Richard Avedon photo of Stephanie Seymour in a hiked-up, see-through dress (rather redundantly). Which would mean the piece is more than art, it’s a parting shot at his soon to be ex-wife. For the record, the work sold for twice its asking price. (Page Six)

Fashion Month may be over, but Prince is still doing the rounds in the City of Light. We hear, after setting many a front row atwitter (and afacebook), that the artist formerly known as a random Egyptian symbol is planning a private performance tonight in a small cabaret, organized by the Le Baron folks. Whoever is left in Paris, including Carine Roitfeld and Riccardo Tisci, is said to be going.

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