Following Chanel’s barnyard spectacle, with its real bales of hay and Lily Allen done up like a Nashville starlet, it seems another luxury brand was thinking green, too. At Hermès, every surface—runway, bleachers, backdrop—was covered with grass turf in a very uncomplicated tennis theme. But while the show started with jaunty dresses and headbands—and oversized Birkin bags to match—designer Jean Paul Gaultier was smart to finish with classic Hermès, as in long belted dresses that flew away in the front and a navy low-cut jumpsuit on Iris Strubegger that wouldn’t look out of place in a box at Wimbledon. For the finale, Gaultier got sporty himself, running down the runway with models Caroline Trentini and Catherine McNeil, who had been volleying, unsuccessfully, with retro wooden rackets. In another Chanel comparison, Lara Stone and Freja Beha Erichsen came out hand-in-hand at the end, recalling their tumble in the hay with Baptiste Giabiconi at said barnyard spectacle. Comparisons or not, does Gaultier want to bring a little decorum back to the game after a certain outburst at the U.S. Open?

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