Eau Contraire

By now we get Viktor & Rolf’s sense of humor. What seems to be is not, and in fact it is often the opposite. So when you’re presented with Eau Mega, their latest perfume that sprays from its golden cylindrical canteen via technology that took two years to create and is personified in ads by a blonde glamazon superhero hovering over a gleaming metropolis, don’t think for a second it’s going to be avant-garde. It won’t be a bowl-you-over affair best worn with some insane dress made of injection-molded bubble wrap embossed with obscure Kabbalistic sigils. Surprise! Eau Mega is completely soft and yummy, a pear-violet sorbet of a scent. The joke is that pretty and sweet saves the world, not fierce plasticity like other perfumes we won’t name. While the name of the perfume is a play on “omega,” the last letter of the Cyrillic alphabet, which we’re sure is more V&R playfulness, just remember that accessibility is often more difficult to nail than edgy, and that’s the beauty of this perfume. $75 for 1 fl. oz, at department stores.

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