Getting Cozy with Sarkozy

Some houses hire controversial tabloid fixtures as designers, others cram their front rows with (yawn) celebrities, but it was Jeremy Scott who scored the biggest photo-op of Paris Fashion Week when Nicolas Sarkozy made an impromptu visit to see his Adidas presentation.

Apparently the coup wasn’t so hard to wrangle. Jeremy tells us he introduced himself to French president after finding out he was having lunch with his wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, in a restaurant across the street in the 11th arrondissement. “President Sarkozy could not have been cooler,” says Scott. “He was so charming and down-to-earth. I had heard that he often goes jogging in Adidas, so it was perfect to get to show him my new Adidas pieces for spring.”

While it might be a tad unpresidential for Sarkozy to be seen trotting around the Elysées Palace wearing a rhinestone T-shirt or a lace-fringed hoodie, there’s nothing stopping the rest of us from coveting the collection. The maverick designer drew inspiration from iconic rock stars—Elvis, Elton, Mick, Michael, Madonna, Prince—to create a rainbow-colored version of his famous winged sneakers, a matador track jacket and the starry number in which he met Sarkozy.

And let’s not forget the “slam dunk” tank top with a photo of Scott looking very buff. Naturally we had to ask him for fitness tips. “I alter my training,” he says. “I do Bikram Yoga, boxing, jogging and free weights. I spent the prior year with Pilates in the mix as well.” Working for a sports brand does wonders.

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