The legacy of Emanuel Ungaro doesn’t appear to be a priority for the current owner of the storied label, Lebanese businessman Mounir Moufarrige. Each new designer is replaced every few seasons, the result of which is a chaotic, unidentifiable image that swings wildly from couture to cheap, and usually not back again. This season the collection was “designed” by the oddest couple in recent memory, Catalonian-born Estrella Archs (formerly of Prada, formerly head designer at Cacharel, formerly…) and party girl Lindsay Lohan. Obviously the intention was to create buzz, but the real result was a succession of dull party dresses, pasties and heart prints—and body parts nearly bouncing out (in the lewd way, not in the good way). It was pinky but not panky, and honestly not good enough to be part of the official Paris calendar. Worse still, a reliable source tells us that Lindsay, the day before the show, spent her time shopping at Dior and YSL and presented the bill to Ungaro. And then, after a hard day of shopping, she had a wild night and canceled an interview with Suzy Menkes. Do one refuse an audience with the pope because of a hangover? She did.

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