A Store Is Born: Fenton-Fallon

For the location of its first boutique, Fenton-Fallon jewelry settled on the Lower East Side’s Freeman’s Alley, the hipster home of brooding artists, perennial face scruff and painted-on jeans. But this isn’t your typical LES fare. The store offers a touch of class, with its mash-up of uptown fuss and downtown flair—or as designer Dana Lorenz describes it: “a Park Avenue townhouse turned upside-down by an 80’s teenager.” True to her word, the space could be a set straight out of Less Than Zero, decked out in Patrick Nagel prints, black lacquer accents and sumptuous fabrics (designed by Thakoon).

The future-retro nook houses Lorenz’s two jewelry collections: Fenton, with materials sounding like a Prince song (diamonds, pearls and chains), and the saucier Fallon, with big and bold shapes that Nefertiti would have worn if she had been a 90’s supermodel. Speaking of, the store’s opening fete during New York Fashion Week was hosted by the Shalom Harlow, and drew the likes of Feist, who snacked on Pinkey’s cupcakes and rummaged through even yummier gift bags that included a dangerously spiky gold bracelet. 

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