Milan: Day 3

Dolce & Gabbana are always and forever about Sicily. No lack of consistency there, and spring was no exception. The collection was very impressive, with plenty of black lace and lingerie à la 50’s pin-ups. Meanwhile, the whole space—runway, audience, backstage—was being filmed and projected on 28 giant video screens. We learned that Domenico can still pin a dress and Stefano can still adjust a bra.

Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi are an odd creative couple. (It’s said that when he created the double-F Fendi logo in the 70s, he relinquished his copyright but received, as a gift, a fantastic apartment in Rome.) The spring collection could have been straight out of a white wedding, with all its beautiful awkwardness. The first part was about bourgeois outfits in greige colors, while the second was in delightful reference to the cocottes, those high-style Belle Epoque prostitutes.

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