Basso & Brooke

When Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke came out to
greet the audience after their show, they were an exact replica of their collection—minus the dresses. One was entirely clad in black, the other in a swirl of every possible color, in his pants alone. The duo clearly have a lot of
fun testing their limits in digital printing, as well as in the collection, which veered between cornea-searing Jeff Koons prints and sparse Herb Ritts’ black-and-whites. Strangely enough,
the mix worked best when combined in one piece, as in the one-shoulder
dress with close-fitting black-and-white stripes on top, blending into bright
colors below. Or as in the simple sheath dress cut in two by
lightning, separating ominous black from warm ombré colors. Also fantastic was their energetic interpretation of the zigzag—like
Missoni on acid.

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