Headline Trip

Has Jak & Jil’s Tommy Ton dethroned the Sartorialist? (Jak & Jil)

Lilo in the making, Taylor Momsen didn’t get into the Phi show and was not happy. At least she reached another milestone: a starlet’s first public tantrum and a write-up about it. (Refinery 29)

Speaking of tantrums, an innocent bystander accidentally walked in on Courtney Love using the toilet at The Standard, sending her off the handle. (Page Six)

McQueen goes Darwinian for spring. Or at least that’s what we think we’re supposed to make of a new Hubble photograph on his Twitter page. (Twitter)

If you need a break from fashion, check out art collective Bernadette Corporation’s latest mind-bender at Green Nefatali gallery. (Purple Diary)

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