Matthew Williamson

Nothing like free-flowing cocktails at noon to kick off London Fashion Week. In a classy move we wholeheartedly endorse, Matthew Williamson provided a boozy lounge for editors, buyers and the occasional celeb to wait comfortably, not herded like cattle, before descending a floor to his spring show. Complete with a “Matthew martini,” a smoking balcony and roaming photogs, the open space saw the likes of new Milk Studios queen Zanna Rassi and mingling, mincing drag queens.

That’s not to say there weren’t some oohs and aahs for Williamson’s collection. The looks were heavy on status beading (think shoulders beaded so thickly that they stood away from the body like glittering footballer pads), sheer day-glo separates, sharp suits, chunky jewelry and racy cocktail dresses with cut-outs at the midriff. Not exactly made for the paparazzi-shy, like the adoring, camera-ready crowd.

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