Louise Gray

Anything but gray—or even greige—Louise Gray presented her spring collection in London, bright orange hair tied up in a knot and bopped to the
beats of Black Eyed Peas and Gossip, the perfect background to her trippy collection. “It’s all inspired by my being a
London girl now,” she told me, giggling. The Scottish designer has lived in the city for
six years now and takes full advantage of its colorful club scene. 

There were crop tops in yellow leather, jumpsuits
in electric blue and strapless dresses in orange as bright as Louise’s bun.
The rainbow colors could have crossed over into cheesy Nu Rave territory, but Louise gave it her own spin. Through creative embroidery, she worked in a
textured, almost 3D look, especially on nylon pieces with a gauzy over-layer. Extra points for her collaboration for Smiley—the ideal match between the famous fluorescent face and a hyperactive, imaginative

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