Graeme Black

being bumped to a presentation slot on the official London Fashion Week schedule, Graeme Black
decided to leave Somerset House altogether and set up his own runway show on
Savile Row, where even the large space got very packed, very fast. Apparently the former Armani
and Ferragamo designer has a loyal following.

According to the show notes, Graeme
was inspired by a Maharajah’s turban he found at a London textile dealer, hence
the mix of vibrant Indian and colonial British themes, but which yielded all too many feminine silhouettes for us. Yet just when we tried to
stifle a yawn, a bright green leather jacket with intricate cutouts
caught our eye, as did the black and bald model wearing it. Then we saw a rough linen dress that managed to look both tough and elegant. You have to love the element of
surprise. Speaking of, how about those expressions on passers-by who, for lack of a backstage, caught a glimpse of a scantily clad model?

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