Anna Sui

Drawing upon her love of the 1960s, Anna Sui delivered a playful collection perhaps best described as mod circus. Organ music, à la Ringling Brothers, played in place of rock and pop songs of season past, while a purple tent served as the backdrop. We won’t go so far as to say that actually being in the Bryant Park tents made our experience meta, but given the packed, cheering crowd and the number of children in attendance, a Big Top ambiance was definitely palpable.

Models rocked everything from Liberty-printed calico dresses and blouses to embroidered khaki and denim Majorette jackets. Florals, paisleys and plaids dominated, the latter adding a masculine twist as madras and windowpane shorts. When paired with a multi-colored chiffon dress, Sui’s Fair Isle knit cardigan looked more psychedelic than preppy. One of the few deviations from the 60s aesthetic came courtesy of a purple faille coat. Volume and utility gave it a modern polish, which we frankly found rather welcome after nearly 50 (still lovely) Sergeant Pepper-meets-Barnum & Bailey looks. 

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