Tom Scott

Tom Scott’s presentation at the Chelsea Hotel today was inspired by “old-fashioned things you can find at home.” As I read this, Barneys’ Julie Gilhart ran into the elevator in a pair of leather leggings. In the tiny quarters I inhaled a face-full of fancy hair product, a Fashion Week huffer I could definitely use more of at home.

The presentation sprawled over a few rooms set up like domestic vignettes. The clothes were beautifully pleated and draped, with a beachy, slightly 40’s flair, but deconstructed. Perhaps owing to the stillness of the tableaux, or the period feel, there was a slightly sinister undertone, evoking Diane Arbus portraits or Reinhold Weege crime-scene photos (many of them snapped at this very spot). A particularly dewy model couple looked like the suicide scene in Sophie’s Choice, which immediately made me love the entire collection.

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