Nightshades by Pleasure Principle

These Nightshades from Pleasure Principle came about from the idea of selling sunglasses in vending machines at nightclubs. Why? For that crushing moment you realize it’s dawn and you’re minutes away from your walk of shame. But with 100% UV protection, the frameless shades, which uncoil like film, work perfectly well all day long.

Incredulous they would stay on, we gave them a test drive on a hot and steamy day. Sure enough, they didn’t fall off at all, tenaciously yet delicately gripping the temples. The first in a series of reinterpreted products from Pleasure Principle, the shades are a steal at only $20. Besides, who doesn’t want to play out their Corey Hart, 80’s fantasies (or memories) and wear their sunglasses at night? 


Details: 100% UV protection, comes in simple white paper sleeve, one size fits all, can be born on your wrist for easy storage!

Photos by Francois Hugon, model Hash in Pleasure Principle’s spring ’10 collection

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