Anti-Sweden Jeans

The modern cultural history of Sweden and Norway pretty much boils down to ABBA versus Black Metal. As in, lilting melodies and disco beats versus shrieking vocals and grating guitar distortion. With this as its founding principle, new Oslo-based design agency ANTI mined the country’s dark tastes to create the unisex jeans label Anti-Sweden. They’re just as skinny and affordable as their neighbors to the east, but without all that chirpy disposition. You know, the yin yang thing. So while Anti-Sweden is produced in sunny Italy by the same factory that makes Giorgio Armani’s collections, it couldn’t be more deliciously, stylishly satanic. In fact, they wanted to ship from a little village in Norway called Hell, but the postage to you, dear readers, would have been a little too hellish, so we decided the jeans were hot enough shipped from our lovely New York headquarters. And isn’t this a helluva price?


Details: black denim with yellow button-fly, slightly high-waisted, 5% stretch, illustrated pocket lining. Size exchanges okay.

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