Courtney Love Gets Paid to Drop an F-Bomb

Like Stephen Dorff before her, Courtney Love has become a spokesperson for an e-cigarette brand, NJOY, promoted as a smokeless smoke. In this web commercial, she riffs on her rebel reputation by seeming to puff away inside a swanky affair. When she's told she can't smoke by a stodgy lady dripping in gems, she takes on a troubled-teen tone, casts a dismissive eye on the old fart telling her this, and says, "Relax, it's a fucking NJOY," stressing the N so you know she's talking about the brand-name. Cut to Courtney looking at the camera with her best try-me expression while Hole's Celebrity Skin plays on fade-out. With the release yesterday of her Saint Laurent campaign images, it seems there's no time like the present to cash in on one's image... 

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Apr 03, 2013 22:35:00

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