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    Monks Among Us

    For those who heed a higher calling and looser fit. Photos by Lars Weber

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    Hues You Can Use

    From trace to tropical, colors are at your disposal this summer. Photos by Alberto Newton, styling by Nayeli De Alba

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    Wallflower Power

    Assert your right to blend in. Photos by Adam Leon + Max Hirschberger

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    Before I Go to Sleep

    Inspired by the film of the same name, here's the story of a woman who lost her memory and reclaims her identity through her fashion choices. By Marco Hülsebus

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    The Future of Flesh

    Jane Fonda narrates an eerie vision of the future, when our bodies are altered to fit the style of the season. Clothes by Prada.

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    Noir East

    As East meets West, the color without borders meets its match. Photos by David Maziarz

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    Garden State

    Embrace crazy prints and creeping florals. They'll grow on you! Photos by Amira Fritz @ Cats & Dogs

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    Chanel in Scotland

    Revisiting Karl Lagerfeld's surreal Scottish romp for Chanel Métiers d'Art. Film by Trevor Undi

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    A watery meditation on Giles' fiery fall collection. Film by Dennis Schoenberg and Matteo Giordano

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    Pole Jump

    Suburban sprawl has finally reached Poland, even if it hasn't left the 70s. Photos by Kasia Bielska

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    Ballets Russes set/costume designer Léon Bakst inspired this fanciful folly. Film by Linus Ricard, styling by Elin Bjursell

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    Thoughts Run Wild

    A sojourn, a seduction, a sum of money. Clothing/accessories by Maison Martin Margiela. Film by Steph&Lars Pillmann

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    Pier Review

    Men don't prowl the piers anymore, but a loosening of suits lets them look the part. Photos by Nick D.

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    Texture Messaging

    Even in an LOL world, the language of ruffles and sequins is as relevant as ever. Photos by Sharon Mor Yosef

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    What the Ancients Knew

    Glamorizing warfare and wielding jewelry like weapons, the Amazons were on to something. Photos by Lindsay Adler

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    Queen of Egypt

    A reflective, modern-day vision of Cleopatra, already the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess. Photos by Oli Rust


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