Prada Talismans

When Your Charms Run Out of Luck

"What makes a pendant a talisman?" ponders Prada. "After it has performed its magic." And who would deny that a crystal chunk on a silver chain, conch shells laced together with precious metal, and wood twigs clutched by animal deities are magical? They are, therefore, the label's latest sacred item with otherworldly allure, Prada Talismans...

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Jun 15, 2017 18:21:00
Balenciaga men's

Size Matters at Balenciaga Men's

Demna's Gvasalia's spring 2017 collection for Balenciaga men's, the label's first, was a doozy — a helluva statement on exaggeration that spawned countless comparisons to the signature suits of Talking Heads' David Byrne.

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Jan 02, 2017 16:34:00

Comme des Garçons and Vetements Are So Gay

Surprise! Comme des Garçons' SHIRT division and Vetements have released a collaboration, a capsule of three gay, lesbian, and fetish knit sweaters, so described on Dover Street Market NY's Instagram.

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Dec 28, 2016 14:21:00
Christopher Ræburn X Disney

Hooked: Christopher Ræburn X Disney

Here's one for the cartoon-goth crowd. Over the course of a year, British designer Christopher Ræburn worked with a Disney character artist to create all-black Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse bags, in either ethically sourced nappa leather or organic European milled indigo denim. Because, suddenly, there is no happy place left on earth.

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Dec 14, 2016 12:31:00

Hooked: Céline Dinosaur Jewelry

Pretend like the planet's human-caused Anthropocene epoch never started with these toy dinosaur earrings and necklace from Céline.

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Dec 12, 2016 16:15:00
Saint Laurent roller skates

Saint Laurent Roller Skates

Make America skate again with these star-studded high-top roller skates from Saint Laurent. It's your patriotic duty.

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Dec 06, 2016 16:55:00
Loewe Elephant bag

Elephant Bag in the Room

Sure, a coin purse version of Loewe's Elephant bag is trundling toward it-bag status, albeit miniature. But since the defining characteristic of the world's largest land animal is its size, why not go big? Like the shoulder version at Dover Street Market, which comes in a variety of happy colors, including rainbow. 

$1290 at Dover Street Market 

Nov 22, 2016 17:05:00
Walter Van Beirendonck, fall 2016

Hooked: Walter Van Beirendonck Sweaters

Sex is better in a happy sweater, like these from Walter Van Beirendonck. Look a little deeper, though, and the social commentary becomes clear — and therein lies the beautiful complexity of the Belgian designer.

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Nov 14, 2016 14:48:00

Hooked: Vetements Spoon and Vial Pendant

We haven't a clue why anyone would need a tiny spoon and vial around their neck. Perhaps to sprinkle a little extra Splenda in their tea on the go, or pumpkin spice in their latte? Whatever the case, Vetements' pure brass necklace and pendant is the most stimulating of fall/winter paraphernalia — or rather, accessories. Grinder pendant sold separately.

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Nov 02, 2016 15:26:00

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