My Little Karl Lagerfeld

Horsing Around with My Little Pony

Obsessed with pop culture and driven by mischievousness, Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen has altered dozens of My Little Pony figurines over the years to resemble a variety of beloved celebrities and characters of fiction.

In her My Little Pop Icons series, she's meticulously outfitted her creations with the accoutrements and mannerisms of their adopted personality. Karl Lagerfeld appears fashionably aloof behind large sunglasses, Ziggy Stardust gazes skyward in legwarmers, and Lady Gaga dons her that meat dress, her most memorable.

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Nov 06, 2015 20:43:00

Aladdin Sane Has a Tumblr

It has come to our attention that there's a Tumblr devoted to Ziggy Stardust's face-bolt on the Aladdin Sane album of 1973.

On the eve of David Bowie's new album, and on the eve of Halloween, is there a better time to indulge in the iconic meme?...

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Oct 26, 2015 19:39:00

Finally, Japanese Schoolgirl Pajamas for Men

Already famed the world over for its WTF costumes, the Japanese company Bibi Lab has come out with Japanese schoolgirl pajamas — for men! Makes you wonder how we ever lived without it...

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Oct 16, 2015 10:42:00

Randy Hage's Miniature New York

Randy Hage — artist, set designer, and former FIT instructor — spends untold hours meticulously, obsessively reconstructing some of New York's most iconic storefronts, less iconic bodegas, and plain random buildings. In miniature! The images you see below are not what they seem, but rather shoebox-sized recreations...

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Oct 09, 2015 20:19:00
Blondie Mary

Word Puns Gone Wild

The French Facebook group Leust in Translation creates visual word puns that are so hilariously prurient and wickedly absurd that you may never think about pop culture the same again...

Klaus Nomi Campbell

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Sep 28, 2015 17:41:00
Gay Beards

Something Different: The Gay Beards

The Gay Beards are two best friends, Jonathan Dahl and Brian Delaurenti, from Portland, Oregon, who stick random things in their beards. They have a lot to choose from during the holidays. So naturally they're an Instagram sensation...

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Sep 08, 2015 13:26:00
Wilder Mann, Charles Fréger

Portrait of a Pagan

French photographer Charles Fréger is in search of adventure — adventures in costumery. For his ongoing Wilder Mann portrait series, he visits all corners of Europe — 19 countries and counting — seeking the mythical 'wild man,' specifically what he might have worn as a glimpse into what he might have thought.

Fréger researches and cosplays various European masquerade traditions and popular imagery with the ultimate aim of dismantling the notion of the prehistoric caveman as savage and unintelligent. "We now know," he points out, "that our Homo Sapiens DNA contains 5% of Neanderthal genes." In the meantime, he's clearly having fun dressing up — pagan-style.

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Sep 03, 2015 22:30:00
Björk at the Governor's Ball, NYC

Meet Björk's Mask-Maker

Like all in Björk's creative coterie, mask-maker James Merry (what a name!) works with the hand of a craftsman and the soul of an artist. For the British native — who splits his time between bustling New York and a remote cabin in Iceland, surrounded only by mossy outcroppings and fields of lavender — it's all about quiet contemplation and profound transformation.

The latest fruit of their six-year collaboration, which began in the early stages of Björk's Biophilia album, is among the most memorable: a hand-embroidered headpiece — in which she performed at the Governor's Ball in New York — that covered large swaths of her face and head with splotchy lace and meandering Miró-like lines. Worn with an enormous winged dress by the Danish designer Nikoline Liv Andersen, green and black with flashes of yellow, she resembled an exotic butterfly, the kind that flits about her barren island paradise. And therein lies the common ground between the two: a respect for one's roots and a passion for personal expression.


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Aug 04, 2015 15:32:00
Marco Battaglini

Art History Through a Modern Lens

Marco Battaglini pastiches together bits of Renaissance art with graffiti and other elements of modern pop — not unlike the divine versus the vulgar — in his digital paintings. By mashing together opposing visual traditions, the Italian artist (living in Costa Rica) challenges the viewer to contemplate a variety of topics: cultural democratization, the evolution of knowledge and information, and what he calls our 'patchwork culture.'

But just because he applies tattoos and brand logos to famously porcelain skin, don't go thinking these are schlocky items of throwaway kitsch. A single piece from the artist, among the elite stable at Saatchi, costs upwards of $20k.

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Jul 20, 2015 19:23:00

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